Dental tourism

What is Dental Tourism? Dental tourism is a branch of health tourism.

Many people around the world come to Serbia to fix their dental problems. It is a combination of beautiful and useful – a holiday in the service of oral health!

Installation of Swiss quality implants at the best prices in Europe in just 48 hours!

Spend some unforgettable days in Belgrade, a city rich in cultural heritage, delicious food, the best parties, hospitable and cordial people.

We offer a full service of dental treatments in combination with the tourist and cultural-historical offer of our city.

It is up to you to call us, and it is up to us to find the best solution for you.

You get a full service with us!

When you arrive in Belgrade, a member of our team will meet you at the airport or bus station and provide a comfortable ride to the hotel accommodation located in the city center. After you take a break from the trip, they will take you to the clinic where professional dentists and our team of specialist doctors work. Throughout your stay, our team is with you, always available. In addition to the provided ride on the route hotel – clinic, during the dental treatment, we offer you the opportunity to see the sights of Belgrade.

Diagnosis, treatment and all other dental services are carried through in high tech surroundings. We make use of the latest materials, products and techniques that enable precision and functionality. All interventions are in line with the EU regulatory system.

Procedure is very simple and consulting is free of charge.

What you must do is fill out a form in which you would, in addition to basic information, describe a problem that you are currently facing and attach a digital dental X ray of upper and lower jaw (orthopan). Then, our team will do their best to find an optimal solution to your problem and you will be contacted within 48 hours. In accordance with your schedule and activities, we would make an appointment.

In addition to fast and quality dental services, our team would be able to organize for you:

  • accommodation
  • transport from the airport to the hotel
  • transportation service during the entire stay in our city

Retrieve a smile on your face quickly, painlessly and conveniently!


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